Project Description

My name is Pazit Haziz and I am an architect and interior designer. My firm specializes in planning and design, hands-on management and project supervision for private houses and apartments. I graduated from Shenkar College in architecture and interior design, and also have a degree in business administration.
There are hundreds of architects and designers. Some of them I know personally and admire. Just like me, they are creative and professional designers. So why should you choose me?
As the long time manager of a large construction company with hundreds of employees, and with the experience of planning dozens of construction projects behind me, I have learned at first hand the complexity of managing such projects, and how to make home builders and renovators happy.
Iím sure youíve heard of projects that got into difficulties, of huge budget overruns and long delays in schedules, of the hassles of supervising numerous workmen and the time involved, eating into your daily routine and quality of life, throughout the process and sometimes afterwards as well.
My unique solution…